About Nijens

We are a small company based in Berlin. Since 2004 we have mainly been producing bags, women's clothing (skirts, trousers) and, for the cold season, hats, gloves, headbands and gauntlets.

Our production sites are in India (Dehli - textiles, Calcutta - leather), Nepal (Kathmandu - wool).

Amos Kalay, our boss, speaks fluent Hindi, which means that he often stays on site, especially in India and Nepal, to monitor production and maintain good contacts, not only with the local bosses, but especially with the workers who manufacture our products which helps a lot to achieve a good build quality. 

We are particularly careful to ensure that no children are used and that the working conditions are fair. In recent years we have intensified our efforts to significantly reduce waste and possible climate emissions through our production and logistics. 

Our love for India in particular means that our products are characterized by intense colors and playful shapes as well as light fabrics. The winter range from Nepal is characterized by warm, good wool.  

Amos spends a lot of time and effort (almost impossible without local language skills) to find the materials used among millions, to check quality.

In the meantime we are designing more and more besides the shapes (almost 50%) our patterns and colors of the fabrics used ourselves, so that we can always implement our ideas more completely.

In addition to the online shop, you will find us primarily in northern Germany at major events and Christmas markets.